Top 25 Reasons I Hate iOS 7

A heartfelt thanks for writing what I’ve been thinking for days!

iOS 7 Sucks

iOS 7… It’s one small step forward for Jony Ive’s ego, one giant leap backward into mediocrity for iPhone and iPad.

Hello.  I work in IT and I’ve been an Apple user and fan for over 20 years (and I’m in my thirties.)  I’m a big geek and an influencer when it comes to technology.

Last week, you would have had to pry my iPhone 4S out of my cold dead hands. Now, after the catastrophe that is iOS 7, I’m ready to return my iPhone and iPad to the Apple Store and ask for a full refund.  Here’s my Top 25 reasons I feel betrayed by iOS 7:

  1. Battery life is less!
  2. Performance is worse!
  3. Gimmicky mandatory animations are a horrible waste of precious time and battery.
  4. Parallax is so unbelievably stupid, I don’t know where to begin.  You had to add this battery wasting, disorienting feature, to make up…

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